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Let's Learn How to Say in Hebrew

Carrot Juice


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?שלום,מה שלומכם

!ברוכים הבאים

Let's learn how to say

'Carrot Juice' in Hebrew!

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The Hebrew word for

‘Carrot Juice’ is…

mizz gezer

Which in Hebrew is written like this:

מִיץ גֶּזֶר

The same as in English, this term is comprised of two words - Mizz which is Juice and Gezer, which is Carrot. 

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In English, we put the adjective before the noun. But in Hebrew we do the opposite, we first say the noun and then the adjective - Mizz Gezer - literally - Juice Carrot.

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Let’s see what letters we use to write the word Mizz:

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Carrot Juice4.png

This word is comprised of a single syllable. 

Syllables-To Dance I
mem chirik.png

This syllable is comprised of three letters: the first is the letter Mem which comes with the vowel sign - Chirik.


Let's see what letters we use to write the word Gezer

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The letter Gimel comes with the vowel sign - Segol.

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This word is divided into two syllables. The first is Ge

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Let's move to the second syllable: Zer

zayin segol.png

This syllable is comprised of two letters: the first is the letter Zayin, which also comes with the Segol and is pronounced Ze. 

So how do we say

‘carrot juice’ in Hebrew?

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