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Become a Syllable Master

Choose a photo from the gallery, and learn how to say it in Hebrew


Welcome to  the ‘Word-of-the-Week’ Hebrew mini-course! Bruchim Habaim:)


What is this course?

How should I use it?

Why would I benefit from it?


Each of the words presented in this course can be studied in one of two ways: by reading an article on or by watching a video tutorial.


This is a short and concise course. It is appropriate for beginner and intermediate students of the Learn Hebrew Pod program.  


If you’re an advanced student, you’re probably already familiar with most of the words taught here, but you may still find it useful in refreshing your knowledge.


No matter what level you’re at - this is an easy, fun, rewarding course. Let me tell you why:


The course is called - ‘Word-of-the-Week’ - but this isn’t some random collection.You’ll be gaining more than just learning 20 new words. The words chosen to be part of this course, taken together, form a collection of any letter in the Hebrew Alef-Bet, all of the vowels used in Hebrew, and most of all - the combination of these two elements into the pattern of typical syllables in Hebrew. 


In the movies, as well as the articles, the words are broken down into their smallest particles:  letters (otiyot) and vowelization (nikud). 


Once the ‘particles’ are fully understood - they are ‘reconnected’ into syllables (havarot) and then into the complete word - the way it’s written, the way it’s read and the way it’s pronounced. 


This course will gradually and effortlessly teach you how to think, write, read and speak Hebrew in patterns. Combining different letters with the various vowels into syllables and words will become second nature, and you’ll find that your Hebrew reading skills, as well as your pronunciation, have significantly advanced and improved.  


Last but not least - each word presented in this course can be supplemented by a full presentation of words belonging to a specific category. For example: The word ‘to dance’ - is a part of the ‘Actions’ category,  ‘carrot juice’ is a word from the ‘Drinks’ presentation, and so on. 


As part of this course, you get full and free access to these 20 vocabulary presentations on the Learn Hebrew Pod website.


Take what you’ve learned in this course and use your new skills with any of the words in the full presentations!



About the Course
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