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Let's Learn How to Say in Hebrew

A Wallet

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?שלום,מה שלומכם

!ברוכים הבאים

Let's learn how to say

'A Wallet' in Hebrew!

Article-To Dance

The Hebrew word for

‘A Wallet’ is…


Which in Hebrew is written like this:



Let’s see what letters we use to write this word:

Letters-To Dance


Wallet svg 8.png

This word is divided into two syllables: 

The first syllable is


Syllables-To Dance I
alef patach.png

The Alef comes with the vowel sign - Patach.

Wallet svg 6.png

Let’s move on to the next syllable:


Syllables-To Dance II
nun kamazz.png

This syllable is also comprised of two letters: the first is the letter Nun, which comes with the vowel sign - Kamazz.

So how do we say

‘A Wallet’ in Hebrew?

Question wallet.png
To Dance-Quiz

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